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" Shan bow noodles. The winter, the room has a musty, a very pungent, they seemed to be already accustomed to, because as long as they wash the bedding and other items, the next moment, holding her sister would not tell the color of the quilt in, directly they clean for a quilt. Next, only to hear footsteps running around and banging sounds. "Cool ." Xu also told the basil Xu Qiang, is carrying a basket and then walked toward the depths of the woods. "This is mainly to have a mission -" I am a white old man ~ "Oh, what tasks ~ ~" I stare back ~ "Kill this man !!! Lam Group's eldest son .

" The old man spit out a number, but we are not surprised. Wholesale NFL Jerseys,Wholesale NFL Jerseys paypal,Wholesale NFL Jerseys online,Wholesale NFL Jerseys usa Xu basil from the nose snorted, thought it Xu firstborn conscience, did not expect to Xu Qiang still only use. Xu basil finally crying to this're getting impatient, opened a pair of clear but cold eye, some chagrin, for a wild Dendrobium and loss of life, it is really worth. Just her, it is a big treasure Xu brothers and brothers making money hand egg, Xu Qin and learn to throw the whole of this shell in the house, and their feet to the ground." See leave Xu Qiang, Yu will apologetic towards Xu said Basil.

" However, this is an advantage, although his mouth, but it was intercepted at the halfway fist, and was also a big fist to tightly wrap the man eyes circulation, not because she was angry curse words, just quietly staring at her, she stared her the creeps, and also creeps. Tri-a is a meeting lazy, especially Aunt, mean people, because they raised two sons, is also superior position, just like their own Erniang text, like Meier, secretly set in front of them and set it outside who said she would be a man, who knows how she was behind a sarcastic person. Xu basil hum from the nose and saying to her this Mother ah, that is too honest, this house will be another one under the heel of a man, not that it did not have a son? What's wrong with her, and she fell to see a few of his old grandson of Alex won her against a basil Xu Why? "Mother, do this to us milk every time, sooner or later one day we will be abused by her death, say, and Ziying purple nightshade so small, if everyone can develop a bully's temper, which later married, Zhibu Ding will be bullied, do we have to go on what has been so weak? " That everything has roots and the root of several of them in Yu's body, as long as she defend their dignity, guarding their children, a strong point, this paper Meier and Aunt so definitely not oppress them. Back home, it was already dark, every household point kerosene lamps, smoke curl, much will smell the fragrance of food, some villagers ran, but all can be very cold, although Xu Qiang very kind hellos and their , but they themselves and Xu Qiang turned a blind eye. More convinced that wrong, to eat bread, that is hurried off to go home, but she did not hurry to go home, but in the mountains to Wowo wandering up and the first idea is to find some drama toxic herbs preemptive point poison out, or, did she meet someday God blind groping how to do that? What is good to get some drugs, Nux vomica, aconite? No, this thing as long as it will be dead.